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Why Healthy Homes
Matter In Omaha

A Healthy Home leads to decent and affordable housing, an increased quality of life for children and parents, fewer missed school and work days, reduced health care costs, and stabilizes a neighborhood.

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Lead Exposure in Omaha

Lead is a significant environmental health hazard to children in Omaha. There is no safe level of lead for children. According to the Douglas County Health Department, in 2015, 678 children in Douglas County had blood lead levels exceeding the CDC’s level of concern. However, thousands more are currently exposed to lead. Learn more about lead in properties in Omaha at the Omaha Lead Registry.

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Omaha's Kids and Asthma

According to PRC, Inc., in 2015, 6% of Omaha area children had asthma. Of these kids, 31% had urgent or emergency care visits to treat asthma and 35% of their parents missed at least one day of work to provide care. The rates are highest among those in very low income households and among African-American and Latino children.

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Omaha’s Homes Can Be Safer

Dangerous levels of radon and carbon monoxide are preventable through testing and mitigation. Families can avoid injuries and save energy with home upgrades and maintenance.

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How OHKA Makes A Difference

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Why We Do This

Seeing our promotores go through the GLEE program and then thrive has been so rewarding. We make an impact on children's health—but we have also helped many people reach a level of confidence that will impact their entire lives. We have really changed people's lives in many more ways than we predicted.

– Saul Lopez, Director of Operations