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Project AIR helps reduce asthma triggers in the home to prevent children from emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

OHKA receives referrals from health care providers for children with asthma and performs a Healthy Home Assessment to identify potential hazards in the home, like mold and dust mites, that may be exacerbating asthma. We also educate the family about the triggers and low-cost remedies.

Project AIR outcomes - 2015

For more information on Project AIR, contact Shannon Melton, at shannon@omahahealthykids.org

Learn more about asthma and how you can reduce asthma triggers in your home.

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The work that we do has helped me realize how a team of a few dedicated people can really impact a community. Because of the work that we do every day, thousands of kids have homes that aren't poisoning them and bright futures centered in a healthy environment.

– Ian Sheets, Impact Coordinator