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LEAP (Lead Education Action Program)

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Through LEAP, OHKA has developed a comprehensive plan to educate the entire community about lead and resources in our city to reduce and eliminate lead exposure. 

An estimated 84,000 homes in Omaha were built before 1978. Lead paint was not banned in the U.S. for residential use until 1978, so homes built before then are likely to contain lead. Omaha has a number of programs to assist you in screening your own home for lead. Contact for more information on current programs. 

Visit to learn about the Omaha Lead Site and the history of lead in those homes. 

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The work that we do has helped me realize how a team of a few dedicated people can really impact a community. Because of the work that we do every day, thousands of kids have homes that aren't poisoning them and bright futures centered in a healthy environment.

– Ian Sheets, Impact Coordinator