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GLEE (Grassroots Latinos in Environmental Education)

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Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) created GLEE in response to the lack of Healthy Housing information and environmental educational materials for our city’s growing Latino population.

Using a “promotora” or community health worker model, the program distributes key environmental health information and education in a way that is culturally appropriate and easily replicable. OHKA has found an innovative and effective means of spreading information throughout the Latino population while at the same time building a workforce of promotoras who are trained to deliver environmental education to friends, family members and colleagues within the community.

GLEE Outcomes

For more information on GLEE, contact Saul Lopez at

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Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) creó el Proyecto GLEE en respuesta a la falta de información sobre Casas Saludables para la creciente población Latina de nuestra ciudad.

Por medio de una “Promotora” o Promotor comunitario de la Salud, el programa distribuye educación e información ambiental importante, en una forma que es culturalmente apropiada y facile de replicar. OHKA ha encontrado un medio efectivo para distribuir información a la población Latina, mientras que al mismo tiempo construye una fuerza laboral de Promotoras quienes están entrenadas para difundir educación ambiental a sus amigos, miembros de la familia y colegas en la comunidad.

Para mayor información sobre GLEE, contacte a Saul Lopez -

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Children need more than just education to be successful; they need a healthy home environment so that they can become the best versions of themselves.

– Shannon Melton, Director of Health Programs