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Principles of a Healthy Home - Well Maintained (Principios de una Casa Saludable - En buen mantenimiento)

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Well Maintained:

Keeping a home Well Maintained is crucial to having a Healthy Home. A home that is maintained is safe for the entire family and it is not at risk for pests, moisture, deteriorating lead paint, structural problems or other environmental hazards. That is why one of the 8 Principles of a Healthy Home is Well Maintained. 

Tips for keeping a Well Maintained home: 

Signup for our waitlist to have our staff perform a Healthy Home Assessment using all 8 principles to evaluate the health of your home.


En buen mantenimiento:

Mantener una casa con buen mantenimiento es crucial para tener una casa saludable. Una casa que se le da un buen mantenimiento es segura para toda la familia. Y no está en riesgo de plagas, humedad, deterioration de pintura, problemas estructurales u otros peligros. Es por eso que  uno de los 8 principios de una casa saludable es mantener la casa con buen mantenimiento

Consejos para mantener una casa con buen mantenimiento:

Registrese en nuestra lista de espera para que nuestro personal realice una Evaluación de su casa utilizando los 8 principios para evaluar la salud de su casa

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Why We Do This

OHKA is helping people in a unique way. There are few things as sacred to people as their homes, and we make their homes safe and healthy.

– Nicole Caputo-Rennels, Director of Housing Services