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Principles of a Healthy Home - Clean (Principios de una Casa Saludable - Limpia

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Did you know that Americans spend 90% of our time inside, the majority of that inside our own homes? Living in a Healthy Home is important to your Health. Proportionately, children breathe twice as much air as adults. This means that children are at greater risk for health problems that come from indoor air pollution. 

Why is it important to keep your house clean?

A clean house is important for the health and well-being of your entire family. Keeping your living space clean and organized keeps your family safe from contaminants and chemicals.  It also ensures that pests do not have food, water, and a place to live. Keeping your home clean is even more crucial if a family member has allergies or asthma. 

A dirty house can make your health worse!

What are things I can do to keep my house clean?


¿Sabías que los estadounidenses pasan el 90% de su tiempo dentro de su casa? Vivir en una casa saludable es importante para para su salud.  Proporcionalmente, los niños respiran el doble de aire que los adultos. Esto significa que los niños corren un mayor riesgo de problemas de salud derivados de la contaminación del aire interior.

¿Porque es importante tener su casa limpia?

Una casa limpia es importante para la salud y el bienestar de toda su familia. Mantener su espacio para vivir limpio y organizado mantiene a su familia salva y segura de contaminantes y productos químicos. También asegura que las plagas no tengan comida, agua y un lugar para vivir.  Mantener su casa limpia es aún más crucial si un miembro de su familia tiene alergias o asma.

¡Una casa sucia puede empeorar su salud!

¿Que cosas puedo hacer para mantener limpia mi casa?

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OHKA is helping people in a unique way. There are few things as sacred to people as their homes, and we make their homes safe and healthy.

– Nicole Caputo-Rennels, Director of Housing Services