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Resources for Flooding and Water Intrusion

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The excessive amounts of water that have affected large parts of our state can cause significant damage to our homes. Whether you’ve been affected by the floods in March, or you’re concerned about water intrusion as we head into the wet season, we’ve compiled a list of resources for our neighbors to take a look at:

UNL Flood Resources Page - Resources for families and individuals, homeowners, businesses, and agriculture, including reentry into flooded homes

Creating a Healthy Home - A guide from the National Center of Healthy Housing on how to clean up flooded homes 

6 Things You Should Do After Your House Floods - From Allergy and Air, learn some tips on how to address a flooded home

Illinois Department of Health - A guide on how to clean up after floods, including disinfecting water wells

HUD Guide to Post-Disaster Restoration for a Safe and Healthy Home - A U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development guide to how to rebuild and restore your home after a disaster

EPA Flood Cleanup and the Air in Your Home - For those with asthma or concerns about air quality after flooding

Some things to watch out for if your home floods intermittently throughout the spring and summer when it rains:

  1. Check your gutters. Are they free of leaves and debris? Are there downspout extenders fixed to the bottom, leading water away from your home? Poorly functioning gutters can cause many moisture issues in a home. 

  2. Check your exterior grading. If you have soil next to your foundation, is it sloped away from your home? If you have a concrete driveway or sidewalk, are the gaps between the concrete and your foundation sealed? If water can fall into these cracks, water will accumulate in the foundation, leading to moisture intrusion.

  3. Do you have a dehumidifier? When water does intrude a house foundation, it can cause mold. Dehumidifiers help with drying out basements that experience excessive moisture.

If you have any other questions about how to keep water out of your home, contact our office at 402-934-9700, or email us!

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