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This year during National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, Omaha is launching the Lead-Free in Five campaign. The campaign highlights existing resources and activities while also setting forth a new strategy to expand and improve the following services and activities to ensure that no child in Omaha is exposed to lead:

1. Lead testing of homes

2. Lead hazard elimination

3. Community-wide education

4. Data collection and information dissemination

5. Best practices and policies developed to support a lead-safe community

Over the coming months, we will be working on strategies and developing benchmarks so that we can track progress. By working together, the Lead Free in Five campaign will demonstrate what a great city can do when it is committed to its children. 

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The work that we do has helped me realize how a team of a few dedicated people can really impact a community. Because of the work that we do every day, thousands of kids have homes that aren't poisoning them and bright futures centered in a healthy environment.

– Ian Sheets, Impact Coordinator