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A Healthier Home Changed David’s Life

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David enrolled in OHKA’s  Asthma In-home Response program (AIR) in January 2015. When the OHKA staff visited David for the first time, he was struggling with uncontrolled asthma. During the past year, he had visited the emergency room three times and missed more than five days of school due to his asthma. His mother had also missed work days to care for David.


Through Project AIR, we were able to fix hazards in David’s home that were triggering his asthma including leaking & dirty ducts, mold in the basement, and VOC’s from candles, air fresheners, and harsh chemicals.

At our six month follow up with David, he had visited the ER 0 times and missed 0 days of school due to his asthma. He even volunteered at our annual 5k run, Rundee, this past summer!

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The work that we do has helped me realize how a team of a few dedicated people can really impact a community. Because of the work that we do every day, thousands of kids have homes that aren't poisoning them and bright futures centered in a healthy environment.

– Ian Sheets, Impact Coordinator