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How OHKA Makes
A Difference

OHKA excels at helping families make connections between health and housing issues. We improve children’s lives by assessing homes, educating families, making informed referrals, and connecting clients to home repair services to reduce health and safety risks. We also focus on policy issues and advocacy to help create a local and national infrastructure that support a Healthy Home for every child.

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Assessment and Intervention

OHKA evaluates homes for health, safety, and environmental risks and works with families to create personalized plans for a Healthy Home. We assist our clients by delivering supplies, repairing houses and referring them to community partners.

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Collective Impact

OHKA works to connect health and housing partners in Omaha to support Healthy Housing. Working together, we help our entire community benefit from improved housing.

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Education & Outreach

Through programs, health fairs, community events, and media campaigns, OHKA connects people to resources and information to make their homes healthy, safe and energy-efficient.

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Policy Solutions

OHKA advocates for housing policies that promote health and protect children in Omaha and beyond. We educate policy makers at all levels about Healthy Homes and the impact housing has on every child’s life.

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What Is A Healthy Home?

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Why We Do This

The work that we do has helped me realize how a team of a few dedicated people can really impact a community. Because of the work that we do every day, thousands of kids have homes that aren't poisoning them and bright futures centered in a healthy environment.

– Ian Sheets, Impact Coordinator