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About Us

The mission of Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) is to improve children’s health through Healthy Homes.

We are a nonprofit organization that works to create a Healthy Home for every child. Our main goal is to bring awareness and education to families in the city about environmental hazards, green and Healthy Homes, and lead poisoning. We believe that education is fundamental for empowering people and creating change.

We strive to create environmental equality in Omaha for all by offering education on health hazards in the home, tenant legal rights, environmental testing, and information on the community resources available in the city.

Ohka Website People Nicole

Nicole Caputo-Rennels, MHE

Director of Housing Services

Ohka Website People Kara

Kara Eastman, MSW

President and CEO

Ohka Website People Olivia

Olivia Lane, MPH

Program Coordinator

Ohka Website People Saul

Saul Lopez, MBA

Director of Operations

Ohka Website People Shannon

Shannon Melton, MPH

Director of Health Programs

Alexzia Bitmoji

Alexzia Plummer, MA

Office Coordinator

Ohka Website People Ian

Ian Sheets

Impact Coordinator

Tony Bitmoji

Tony Vargas, MS

Director of Marketing and Communications

Ohka Website People Kat

Kat Vinton

Family Advocacy Manager

Benny Bitmoji

Benny Huerta

Outreach Coordinator


President and CEO - Kara Eastman, MSW
Chair - Mike Battershell

Board Members

Gwenn Aspen
Jeffrey Cooper, MD
Councilperson Ben Gray
Jason Hagan
Jennifer Jacobs
Joanne Kim
Clarence Nichols
W. Don Nelson
Kelli O’Brien
Chris Swanson

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Ohka Website People Saul Why We
Do This
Why We Do This

Seeing our promotores go through the GLEE program and then thrive has been so rewarding. We make an impact on children's health—but we have also helped many people reach a level of confidence that will impact their entire lives. We have really changed people's lives in many more ways than we predicted.

– Saul Lopez, Training and Outreach Manager